Our Business

Quantum Leaps provides the following services:

Innovation consulting

Provides consulting programs to help create and execute new visions and strategies with a future perspective

Innovation community

Provides venues for new leaders across industry borders to gather, discuss, collaborate and create new businesses

Growth investment

Provides risk money and management resources with a mid-range perspective to enhance innovation

Our Features

Global Network

Provides networking opportunities with global opinion leaders, corporate executives, investors, researchers, engineers, lawyers, designers, creators, etc.

Firm Management Perspective

Provides experienced management perspective in terms of vision creation and operation know-how, with support from leading executives in such diverse industries as finance, manufacturing and services.

Appropriate Support at Each Business Stage

Each business stage requires different resources and action. Depending on the stage your company is at, we provide the most appropriate services.

Experienced Professionals

Strong strategy execution support with a team of marketing, technology, financial and other professionals capable of judging the strength and potential of businesses or technologies.