Our mission at Quantum Leaps is to build the bridges that bring together Japanese and Asian human resources, technologies and capital to create next-generation businesses and leaders.

The meaning behind our Company name

Implementing non-continuous reforms of companies

Quantum leaps is a physics term that means abrupt, sudden or dramatic change. Through our business activities, we want to trigger quantum leap transformations in Japanese companies. It is with this desire that we named our company, Quantum Leaps Corporation.

Quantum Leaps philosophy

Keywords: XYZ Strategy and ABC Strategy

In any company, management must simultaneously develop and guide an “XYZ Strategy” to maintain and expand existing core businesses and an “ABC Strategy” to create new businesses for the future. This requires effective and appropriate allocation of management resources. At Quantum Leaps, we work closely with companies and management to find the optimal balance.

If needed, we also provide support that focuses purely on helping companies formulate an ABC Strategy. In a rapidly changing economic environment, we support company leaders who are trying to create new opportunities for growth.