Why I established
Quantum Leaps

出井伸之 Founder, Representative Director and Chairman

When I graduated from university in 1960, Sony was a venture company with about 10 billion yen in revenues. During my years there, its growth in revenues charted a J-curve to reach more than 7 trillion yen.

In this process of growing from a venture company to a global corporation, Sony made many quantum leaps (dramatic, sudden changes). I myself experienced and helped trigger some of these quantum leaps as a general manager and later, as a member of top management.

After more than 10 years at the helm of Sony, with the desire to share my knowledge, experience and rich network for the benefit of younger generations and the future of Japan’s competitiveness, I decided to establish Quantum Leaps Corporation.

The world is currently undergoing a major shift in power from Western-centric economies of the U.S. and Europe to Asian-centric economies. Japan and other countries in Asia must not compete, but instead, work together to build complementary relationships for qualitative growth. In creating new businesses and growth opportunities not just in Japan but also primarily in Asia and the world over, we want to work together with a diverse range of partners to contribute to the dramatic evolution (quantum leaps) of Japan and Asia.

Our Company is striving to create new value by finding revolutionary ideas and bringing them together with the resources that will lead to their actualization. With a global perspective and optimism for the future of Japan and the world, we are working together with like-minded people in nurturing the next generation of global companies and leaders.

出井伸之Founder, Representative Director and Chairman