Four Themes

1Finding New ParadigmsComing soon,
the next paradigm

A paradigm shift is when understanding, values and assumptions radically change. Industrial revolutions, world wars, the Internet and other geopolitical changes and disruptive technologies work together in complex ways to trigger changes in societal systems and paradigm shifts. Humankind has experienced several until now.

Business models are a reflection of the paradigm of the times. And the interval between one paradigm shift to the next is becoming increasingly shorter. Poring over case studies will not help in developing future business models. Corporate management cannot just tinker with past business methods to formulate competitive strategies. They must confront the next imminent paradigm shift and act accordingly.

Quantum Leaps can help build the foundation to create future business models by investigating and even triggering future paradigm shifts from multiple angles.

2Japan × AsiaUtilizing the knowledge,
experience and resources of Japan for the future of Asia

Japan’s economy has matured and stagnated while many countries in Asia are experiencing rapid economic growth and encountering challenges in terms of population, environment and resources. As the only mature economy in Asia, Japan must create a new ABC Strategy for the future, which in turn will become a model of other Asian countries when they reach economic maturity.

Quantum Leaps brings together the technology, experience and brand power of Japanese companies with the growth potential of Asia for the development and prosperity of both. Utilizing a wide and extensive network of influencers in a diverse range of fields, we offer solutions and strategies to companies striving to do business in Asia.

3Generating New ValueCreating new industries
through open innovation

During Japan’s years of rapid economic growth, companies believed that controlling all aspects of the business operations, from manufacturing and logistics to marketing, was the source of strength. However, with the emergence of the Internet in the 1990s, business models changed radically world over. Effective use of OEM, EMS and BPO was considered efficient and hence, grew tremendously. What was an asset in the past quickly became a liability.

While the speed of information dissemination has accelerated, uncertainties have grown as well. This tendency will become even more prevalent in the future. At Quantum Leaps, we will promote open innovation to bridge management resources between companies regardless of size, whether start-ups or major corporations, for better utilization and sharing. We are aiming for the development and growth of not just one or two companies, but industries as a whole.

4Integrating Creativity and ScienceCross coupling
between different fields and cultures

Corporate resources and science, design, art, philosophy…
Up until now, these were all categorized as different fields, with each pursuing singular paths that did not cross.
However, the world has become increasingly complex. Traditional categorizations and thinking that is a continuation of the past will no longer lead to new revelations or answers.

What must we do now to prompt new advances and discoveries? We need to look from a higher perspective, selectively bring together multiple fields that were once outside our scope of vision, and deliberately create a binding reaction (cross coupling) that will spin into a powerful process of innovation and growth. Through a diverse range of initiatives and efforts, we at Quantum Leaps will aggressively pursue cross coupling opportunities for the harmonious growth and prosperity of Asia.