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Working with our client companies and business partners,
we implement strategies that go beyond an extension of
the past to create new businesses in line with our three key themes.

Harnessing a wealth of human resource assets, Quantum Leaps addresses
specific needs by leveraging dormant assets of major companies and
external capital to promote the implementation of
strategies that enhance future corporate value.

Quantum Leaps is not just about classroom learning but also about managing businesses and setting up growth with community colleagues.

Business Execution takes place through the following steps:

  1. In collaboration with the community, we work to understand the individual company’s vision, identify potential needs that lead to growth, and uncover necessary elements to proceed.
  2. To accelerate growth, we envision a framework for alliances (Business Execution Framework) and create an environment that facilitates the efforts of all members involved in the business.
  3. We bring together and create a network that will help effectively run the business.
  4. We work together with our partners to implement Business Execution for growth.

CASE.01A (Venture company)

Quantum Leaps supported a venture company that has proprietary technologies while promoting advanced IT in primary industries by bringing together the resources of the Quantum Leaps Group and providing capital participation and business support.

Harnessing our extensive connections with major corporations, Quantum Leaps helped this venture company find a successful business model through support on a wide range of aspects, from laying the groundwork for business expansion to developing quality sales channels and providing marketing support.

  • Creating the framework for “polishing and refining technological prowess”
  • Building alliances with major corporations
  • Providing End2End support, from building a business to developing sales channels
A (Venture company)

CASE.02B (Business company)

For a food mail-order business that used conventional advertising methods focused on print media, Quantum Leaps served as an intermediary to transfer this business to a mid-sized ad agency. We procured capital through an overseas fund to jointly invest in this company and accelerate business growth.

Quantum Leaps then assigned some of its expert personnel to work with this company to create a structure necessary to expand its regional business on a national and global scale. Currently, we are working to form an alliance with a major corporation to create a new food distribution system that will secure further growth.

  • Cross-coupling companies from different industries
  • Creating an alliance scheme to accelerate growth
  • Dispatching expert personnel from Quantum Leaps
B (Business company)