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Working with people and organizations that embrace
Quantum Leaps’ philosophy, we launch businesses
through a cross-industry approach with a commitment
to future growth markets.
Quantum Leaps Asia
As an accelerator for capital and business alliances between Japan and East Asian countries and regions, we take on and promote projects that resolve our shared societal problems.
Quantum Leaps Capital Partners
We are a deep tech venture capital incubator. By investing in technology, entrepreneurs, developers, and companies, we support the realization of paradigm shifts that transform technologies and societies. We also make buyout investments in companies borne from regional development funds or with an Asian angle.
Quantum Leaps Digital Farming
We invest in highly unique technologies and companies with advanced technologies, such as industrial DX in the agricultural field, while supporting the agritech business, which combines agriculture and technology.
Quantum Leaps Food Innovation
We innovate to provide food that is both friendly to the body and the environment by implementing a “Circular Food Chain” throughout the entire food value chain (material production, food preparation and processing, storage and transport, recycling).
Quantum Leaps Growth Initiatives
Utilizing Quantum Leaps’ broad corporate network, we dispatch personnel with a wealth of experience and skills in relevant fields, from management level to staff level, in accordance with demand. We also work together with our client companies to provide hands-on support that enhances corporate value.