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About Quantum Leaps’ Club 100

Since its establishment in 2006, Quantum Leaps has been providing a venue for exclusive, high-quality information exchange and networking through Club 100, a corporate membership organization. Participants include major companies that lead Japan, start-up companies that are experiencing explosive growth, companies with long histories, foreign-affiliated companies, and numerous other companies representing a wide variety of industries and phases of growth.

Going beyond an extension of the past, we create new visions and strategies with foresight of future markets and industries. We provide transformative support programs to make these visions and strategies a reality.

Through regular meetings and small study sessions, we provide an environment where corporate leaders from different industries and business types can get to know each other face-to-face and have high-quality discussions that directly lead to business opportunities. We also respond to individual requests from our corporate members, such as providing introductions to partner companies.

  • Yoshinori Hashitani Yoshinori Hashitani

    Chief Navigator

    Yoshinori Hashitani

    Vice Chairman
    Quantum Leaps Corporation

  • Shigeru Shiina Shigeru Shiina

    Chief Navigator

    Shigeru Shiina

    Chief Executive Officer
    Maverick, Inc.

  • Oki Matsumoto Oki Matsumoto

    Chief Navigator

    Oki Matsumoto

    Chairman of the Board
    Monex Group, Inc.

  • Club 100’s aims

    Strategic growth and innovative change

    Securing profits in the conventional paradigm (XYZ strategy) and creating new businesses under the new paradigm (ABC strategy) – corporate management must deal with both of these equations simultaneously, exploring solutions while aiming for strategic growth. However, with so many possible solutions, many feel lost and struggle.

    Club 100 brings together a highly diverse group of members. By injecting quality information into this mix, we promote high-level dialogue that provides guidance to those who are feeling lost. We aim to create a venue that serves as a compass (navigator) to all.

  • Club 100 themes

    Innovative changes for a new paradigm

    With the emergence of world-changing technologies and rapid shifts in geopolitics, there is no doubt that we are on the verge of a new paradigm.

    Club 100 will confront this paradigm shift head-on. We will explore the epicenter of changes that are taking place now, and through case studies of real corporate transformations at previous turning points, we will conduct in-depth discussions that will shed light on what agendas we need to pursue for this new transformation.